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We strive to make socially-conscious the baseline for all people.


We are a non-political student organization that gives students a platform to be involved in the social change making mechanism in Austria.

We focus on the implementation of social projects, and the education of youth on social issues.*

*Social projects include starting social start-ups, creating apps, websites, running creative awareness campaigns and more. We aim to provide the general public with options to switch to a socially-conscious lifestyle without feeling the transition. That’s our pragmatic side. We also believe that mindset is one of the main issues. That’s why we deliver engaging workshops in middle and high schools across Vienna to teach kids about waste, food waste, gender equality and digitalisation in an effort to define our future. Read on to find out more!




We are radically inclusive prime movers who focus on long-term impact.


Let's do it.

That's the motto!
Here you can find all the information for prospective applicants. The departments you can apply for, the job descriptions, why you should join our team, what to expect, along with our admission process. *All of our members work on a volunteer basis.* If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on Facebook.


and their job descriptions
Project Management
Marketing and HR
Legal and Finance

You will be responsible for planning our core flagship programs! That means you will help plan our annual conference involving over 20 organisations as well as the education program. Furthermore, the project management team is responsible is responsible for planning any side events we organise with our partners.

Moreover, the PM team is responsible for implementing all of the selected initiatives that come out of our conference ONE DAY ( on the 9th of March. These might be anything from starting social businesses to creating educational frameworks to be taught in middle and high schools throughout Vienna.

Some qualities we are looking for:
You are a highly-disciplined person who don’t have major issues with deadlines. You have a structured way of thinking and appreciate structure in the things that you do. This is only some of the qualities we are looking for.

Hint: Your fit in our team is one of the most important factors!

The specifics:
– initiating: checking feasibility and working out budgets, and resources;
– planning: setting goals, defining roles and producing schedules of tasks. Some tools, such as Gantt Charts, can be used to create a – visual project plan;
– executing: managing the project;
– monitoring and controlling: tracking the project’s progress;
– closing: evaluating successes and challenges to enhance learning for your next project.

You will be responsible for the entire marketing plans of our organisation! That means you will create and execute several marketing campaigns including our conference, our youth education program, marketing for side events, recruitment, as well as ongoing social media presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and our website. Also, you will be responsible for the marketing activities of all other initiatives that come out of our annual conference. The organisation will be led by your creative ideas aligned with our mission and values. You will watch your ideas come to reality, and learn in depth about branding, how to execute a marketing campaign, Adobe Illustrator and more!

Furthermore, the marketing team is responsible for graphic design, photo/video edits and other visual mediums. Any experience or interest in that field is appreciated.

– Our marketing training covers: branding, social media marketing, networking training, and basics of design with Adobe Illustrator.

HR is a small part within this department concerned with creating added value for our members.

Some qualities we are looking for:
You are a creative person who don’t have major issues with deadlines. You may or may not have a background in marketing and sales. This is only some of the qualities we are looking for.

Hint: Your fit in our team is one of the most important factors!

The specifics:
Creating and implementing brand-aligned marketing strategies to maintain social media presences, promoting our projects and participating in the recruitment process.

– Managing multiple social media accounts according to the brand guidelines of the organization
– Content creation for social media and website
– Engaging in strategic and innovative marketing methods
– Designing of graphics for our website and social media channels according to the brand guidelines of the organization
– Initiate, plan and execute other marketing activities
– Carry out wide-reach awareness campaigns about selected social issue

You will raise and maintain partners, sponsors and more for our current and upcoming projects through calls, attending events for networking and more. You will increase your social capital and make countless connections that will be beneficial for you in the future.

– Our partnership training covers: membership sales, corporate sales, and fundraising.

Some qualities we are looking for:
You are a people person. You get along with everyone and make friends easily. You are not afraid of taking the first step in any situation. You have at the very least a B2 level in German. Previous experience in raising inkinds, sponsors, partners for events and partners are highly appreciated.

The specifics:
Create and maintain meaningful partnerships while representing our brand through online and offline communication.

– Engaging in cold calling to raise meeting for new partnerships
– Engaging in fundraising activities
– Creating and maintaining new leads
– Attending networking events to raise new leads
– Market research
– Research of available funds and grants
– Completing applications for funds and grants
– Raising inkinds for our events
– Maintaining contact with partners

You will be responsible for the legal responsibilities of our organisation, which has the legal status of a “Verein”. This is a great opportunity to put what you have learned into practice!

You will also be responsible in maintaining a budget and reporting our financial statements in line with the laws that govern “Vereine”. You will also be responsible for internal auditing and work closely with the president.

– Our finance training covers: Excel training, budgeting and financial statements for the NPO sector.

Some qualities we are looking for:
You are very familiar with creating financial statements. You are able to navigate through the Vereinsgesetz and create financial statements accordingly. You are good with Excel and good at allocating resources.

The specifics:
– Allocating the organization’s budget
– Maintain contact with all departments to keep to the budget
– Internal auditing
– Preparing of mandatory financial statements
– Finance team will be required to be involved in another team of his/her choice.

Action-oriented Social Impact

We are committed to awareness, knowledge, and making positive changes within our communities. While recognising the value of research, this program is driven by action orientated individuals who have a passion for increasing equality, sustainability, and transparency. Participants in this program will enjoy working and learning with like-minded peers through social initiatives.

Professional Experience

You will have the opportunity to gain valuable real-life experience within the departments of marketing, human resources, sales, finance and project management and learn about how to start social businesses, create awareness campaigns, websites and more.

Professional development

We offer trainings for our members on each of the departments we have. This is what our modules of professional development look like:

Marketing Module covers: branding, social media marketing, and basics of design with Adobe Illustrator.

Project Management Module covers: time management, event planning, aspects of PM I, and aspects of PM II.

Partnership Module covers: corporate sales, networking training and fundraising.

Finance Module covers: Excel training, budgeting and financial statements for the NPO sector.

Mentoring Culture

In addition to the department specific trainings we employ a mentoring culture designed to maximise the personal experience of all participants.


Networking delivers more return on investment than most investments! You can increase your social capital through meeting new people and having contact with various organisations during your time with us!


Qualified members will be able to identify SII as social advocacy experience and can receive recommendations from the president of the organization for future opportunities.

Team Spirit

Building fun, energetic, engaged, dedicated teams is what we do! Join us and see for yourself. Work hard, play hard!

What we expect

  • Active participation in weekly meetings and trainings
  • 5-10h/week (Workload more flexible during exam weeks)
  • Open communication and dedication
  • Working knowledge in English (min. B2 German for Partnerships)
  • Willingness to make a lasting impact on your community!
  • Be aligned with our values



Written application with your CV.

Application deadline

The application deadline for S18 has passed. Please like our Facebook page to keep up-to-date on our next recruitment call starting in September.

Personal interview

We will set up personal interviews with potential prospective members.


All results will be communicated before the deadline we state during the application phase.

Anything unclear?

Please don't hesitate to contact us through Live Chat, Instagram or on our Facebook page


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