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We strive to make socially-conscious the baseline for all people.

We have two methods


We aim to provide the general public with options to embrace a more socially-conscious lifestyle without feeling the transition. 

How do we identify issues and market gaps?
We are currently focusing on waste and food waste, gender equality and digital literacy. For each of these issues, we mediate between academics, civil society and the private sector to first understand the system behind the problem, and then identify impact gaps where bottom-up initiatives could prove to be useful.

What happens afterwards?
Two things. We ideate internally and come up with initiatives and implement them with our partners. And, we refine these mediation sessions into specific challenges and give them to the participants of our annual conference ONE DAY where participants work in groups to come up with ideas. We select the best ideas, and implement them ourselves internally. We pride ourselves for being an implementation mechanism. No more ideation sessions where nothing happens afterwards!

We ideate and implement projects with the output of:

Social businesses

Business, not as usual. The aim here is to create and implement market-driven approaches and innovative business plans that can compete in the free market against the non-eco conscious counterparts. 

Awareness campaigns

Sometimes it’s an issue of knowledge. Did you think the circular economy only consisted of recycling? Not anymore!


Smart solutions for tough challenges. With the rise of the popularity of devices, it provides us an efficient gateway to make socially-conscious lifestyle a reality for all.


We aim to integrate non-political social education in schools across the country.

We believe that mindset is one of the main issues. That’s why we create and deliver engaging workshops in middle and high schools (10-18 year-olds) across Vienna to teach kids about waste, food waste, gender equality and digital literacy in an effort to raise more socially-conscious generations. We create activities to engage audiences that has never been confronted with these issues or are not sensitive to the issue at all.

One of our organisational goals is to create a replicable framework for our workshops, which can be shared with other schools for educators to implement themselves in the long run.

Educational Framework

The mentality issue. We create games or other educational frameworks that we can use to teach 10-18 year olds currently about waste, food waste, circular economy, gender equality and digital literacy.

Our Process Map
Here you find a summary of what we do
How are we different?
What we don't do
  • We do not focus on providing options for prospective entrepreneurs.
  • We do not consult individuals on their prospective initiatives.
  • We do not focus on doing workshops for potential change makers.
  • We do not create or implement duplicate concepts.
  • We do not specifically target the people who are already involved in the current social change making mechanism.
What we do
  • We create, ideate and implement social business, apps, websites and awareness campaigns ourselves.
  • We provide professional trainings to our members to achieve the ambitious projects that we take on.
  • We strive to bring together system thinkers, not system facilitators. 
  • We specifically target people who are outside of the bubble of the current social change making ecosystem through pragmatic methods. (marketing, event topics etc.)
How you can participate


Social impact and professional development in one. Join the awesome team of prime movers. It’s more fun together!

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