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We create social businesses. We teach children about societal challenges. We transform university students to social entrepreneurs, and create things that will outlive us.

We are a non-political student organisation that enables students to be involved in the social change making mechanism in Austria. Want to join us?
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Our focus areas


textile waste, food waste, and more.


focusing on core issues within gender equality that is related to mindset as well as empowerment, capacity building and more.


information literacy/fake news, echo chambers and more.

Our departments

Project Management

The Project Management team organises all the events that we have, creates and delivers our workshops to children, and builds and maintains all the initiatives that we take on. Among other things, this team learns about event management, how to create social businesses, and social education.

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Some qualities we are looking for:
You are a highly-disciplined person who doesn’t have major issues with deadlines. You have a structured way of thinking and appreciate structure in the things that you do. These are only some of the qualities we are looking for.

Hint: Your fit in our team is one of the most important factors!

The specifics:
– initiating: checking feasibility and working out budgets, and resources;
– planning: setting goals, defining roles and producing schedules of tasks;
– executing: managing the project;
– monitoring and controlling: tracking the project’s progress;
– closing: evaluating successes and challenges to enhance learning for your next project.

Marketing and Human Resources

You will be responsible for the entire marketing plans of our organisation! That means you will create and execute several marketing campaigns including our conference and other events, our youth education program, marketing for side events, recruitment, as well as ongoing social media presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and our website. Also, you will be responsible for the marketing activities of all other initiatives that come out of our annual conference. The organisation will be led by your creative ideas aligned with our mission and values. You will watch your ideas come to reality, and learn in depth about branding, how to execute a marketing campaign, Adobe Illustrator and more! Human Resources part refers to recruiting new members every semester and keeping them satisfied in our team. 

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Furthermore, the marketing team is responsible for graphic design, photo/video edits and other visual mediums. Any experience or interest in that field is appreciated.

– Our marketing training covers: branding, social media marketing, networking training, and basics of design with Adobe Illustrator.

HR is concerned with creating added value for our members as well as organising the recruitment campaign every semester, which is the most important event that we have!

Some qualities we are looking for:
You are a creative person who doesn’t have major issues with deadlines. You may or may not have a background in marketing and sales. These are only some of the qualities we are looking for.

Hint: Your fit in our team is one of the most important factors!

The specifics:
Creating and implementing brand-aligned marketing strategies to maintain social media presences, promoting our projects and participating in the recruitment process.

– Managing multiple social media accounts according to the brand guidelines of the organization
– Content creation for social media and website
– Engaging in strategic and innovative marketing methods
– Designing of graphics for our website and social media channels according to the brand guidelines of the organization
– Initiate, plan and execute other marketing activities


You will raise and maintain partners, sponsors and more for our current and upcoming projects through calls, attending events for networking and more. You will increase your social capital and make countless connections that will be beneficial for your future. You will also go to awesome events and represent SII. Furthermore, since this is a department that often gets people out of their comfort zone, it is also one of the departments that facilitates the most personal and professional growth!

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– Our partnership training covers: corporate sales and fundraising.

Some qualities we are looking for:
You are a people person. You get along with everyone and make friends easily. You are not afraid of taking the first step in any situation. You have at the very least a B2 level in German. Previous experience in raising inkinds, sponsors, partners are highly appreciated.

The specifics:
Create and maintain meaningful partnerships while representing our brand through online and offline communication.

– Engaging in cold calling to raise meeting for new partnerships
– Engaging in fundraising activities
– Creating and maintaining new leads
– Attending networking events to raise new leads
– Market research
– Research of available funds and grants
– Completing applications for funds and grants
– Raising inkinds for our events
– Maintaining contact with partners

Finance and Legal

You will be responsible for the legal responsibilities of our organisation, which has the legal status of an association. (Verein). This is a great opportunity to put what you have learned into practice. You will be responsible in maintaining a budget and reporting our financial statements in line with the laws that govern associations (Vereine). You will also be responsible for internal auditing and work closely with the president.

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– Our finance training covers: Excel training, budgeting and financial statements for the NPO sector.

Some qualities we are looking for:
You are familiar with creating financial statements. You are able to navigate through the Vereinsgesetz and create financial statements accordingly. You are good with Excel and at allocating resources.

The specifics:
– Allocating the organization’s budget
– Maintain contact with all departments to keep to the budget
– Internal auditing
– Preparing of mandatory financial statements
– The Finance team will be required to be involved in another team of his/her choice.

Why join us?

We take measurable action

We believe in the power of social entrepreneurship and social education. And this is exactly what we do. We create human centered social businesses that make it easier for the non-environmentally conscious part of the population to transition to a more responsible lifestyle. Furthermore, we believe that social education should be integrated to every classroom. Therefore, we teach children about waste, food waste, gender equality and issues related to digitalisation. Check out our initiatives by clicking here.

We develop you personally and professionally

STEOP to CEO of a social business in 2 years?

All members have the option to go through the Prime Movers Program. You are not expected to stay for the full two years of the program, but if you choose to, click below to see what is waiting for you! Either way, you will have the opportunity to gain valuable real-life experience within the departments of marketing, human resources, sales, finance and project management while you actively work on making a lasting impact on your community.

Your 1st and 2nd Semester with us

During your first and second semester, you will start your journey with the foundation of the Prime Movers Program (PRIMO). PRIMO includes workshops and trainings on:

> Event Management
> Organisational Strategy (OKR)
> Digital Marketing Strategy
> Content Marketing
> Graphic Design
> Adobe Illustrator Training
> Pitch Training
> Story Telling
> Growth Hacking
> Partnerships
> Classroom Management by Teach for Austria

> Productivity and time management
> Personal Goal Setting and Management

Furthermore, you will have the chance to apply and measure that you are learning in real-life situations through our initiatives. These will be feedbacked in a mentorship style interaction to accelerate your growth. Meanwhile, your knowledge about the issues that we are tackling will be deepened.

Your 3rd Semester with us

Before the beginning of your third semester with us, you will have a chance to apply for middle management positions. Furthermore, you will start the second level of the Prime Movers Program tackling more advanced topics and deepen your knowledge in your initial training with workshops including but not limited to:

> SEO Strategy
> Content Marketing II
> Adobe Illustrator II
> Growth Hacking II
> Wordpress and CMS
> Email Marketing Segmentation & Automation
> Financial Statements (for Vereine)
> Business Modelling
> Fundraising, financing

> Emotional Intelligence
> Career Planning

You will enjoy more autonomy in your responsibilities in the organisation and start increasing your network.

Your 4th Semester with us

Your fourth semester with us is where you are trained and prepared for your journey after SII. At the end of your third semester, you will have the option to apply for board positions in our organisations. Board membership is the perfect part-time job next to your educational journey. Board members enjoy a part-time salary, along with a heavy influence on strategy setting and decision making in our organisation. Furthermore, they are intensively prepared for their next step through mentorship and trainings including but not limited to the following:

> Emotional Intelligence
> Self-confidence
> Decision making and strategy setting
> Case Studies
> Conflict resolution
> ENPS Methodology
> Grinberg Method
> Art of Hosting
> Ideation techniques
> Internal and external sales
> How to coach and mentor your future team
> Recruitment planning
> Strategic Partnerships
> Personal mentorship focusing on strengths and weaknesses of each board member

Your 5th Semester in the family

In your fifth semester, if you feel ready, you will have a chance to apply to be a co-founder to one of our social businesses, apply as an employee in one of our initiatives (part or full-time), apply to be the managing director of our organisation, or choose to be an alumni, where we will support you in every way we can in your future endeavours. If you don’t feel ready yet, you can continue your position as a board member.

Throughout your journey with us

Regardless of how long you stay at SII, you will be exposed to external growth opportunities as well through our network like workshops, conferences, academies and more. You will get different opportunities to share our network as well. The trainings mentioned above do not include the monthly workshops we organise with experts in the context of ONE DAY: The Stammtisch. Furthermore, all members enjoy access to our knowledge base with concise and extremely useful information about each department and initiative that we have, where you are encouraged to edit and add to the growing base of expertise we have for future members.

Meet new and like-minded people

There are a lot of ways to have an impact on society. As one of our values is radical inclusion, we do not discriminate against people who have different views and perspectives on societal challenges. What unites us is our passion for what we do and our values as an organisation. Everyone is welcome to join our team and enjoy growing with like-minded people.

I have witnessed the development of the Students’ Impact Initiative right from its beginning. SII is an outstanding students club – not only addressing major societal issues but also comprising passionate and dedicated students in its team.

Dr. Rudolf Dömötör
Director, WU Gründungzentrum

What makes us different

We focus on implementation

We think the pull and push factors are all needed in change making, including talks, conferences, events and more. However, we belong in a more action oriented subset of the system, focusing on implementation only. We believe in the power of bottom-up initiatives through social entrepreneurship and social education. Therefore, we create social businesses and teach children about the issues that we are tackling in engaging ways and new perspectives.

We only focus on engaging new crowds outside of the bubble

The change making scene has been very dynamic in the recent years in Austria. With our brand, communication strategy, event concepts and more, we strive to enlarge the current bubble of the social change making mechanism in Austria. We actively measure our success rate in doing so and currently stand at a high success rate.

We create initiatives that address the core of the issues

We talk to academics, NGOs and the private sector to identify the core of the issues that bottom up initiatives could have an impact on. We bring together a diverse group and utilise human centered design to create core ideas. The ones we select through our filter become our initiatives. If you are not a member of SII, you can still get involved, check out

We focus on creating initiators

Being a prime mover is one of our values. The Prime Mover Program makes sure that our alumni is able to initiate their own projects regardless of their academic background. Likewise, we are always there to support them with our network and expertise every step of the way.

Current initiatives

ONE DAY: The Conference

ONE DAY: The Conference is an annual conference that enables you to create ideas to help and solve societal challenges.


kindby is an online store on which you can rent responsibly made baby clothing and accessories to combat textile waste.

Mission Liftoff Academy

Mission Liftoff Academy is an annual educational and fun summer camp for children that includes social education, soft skills workshops including critical thinking, emotional intelligence, teamwork, future proofing, visioning, sports, nutrition workshops and many more.


HORIZONS is a co-initiative by Students' Impact Initiative and Teach for Austria that is designed to provide students from all socio-economic backgrounds to recognise their opportunities, help them grow, and allow them to believe in themselves to fulfil their potential. After a tour of the WU, the children are taught about waste, food waste, gender equality or issues related to digitalisation by our team in a workshop setting.

Mission Liftoff

This is our pro-bono program where we teach children from middle and high schools in Vienna to about waste, food waste, gender equality and issues related to digitalisation.

ONE DAY: The Stammtisch

ONE DAY: The Stammtisch is a monthly social entrepreneurship meetup at the WU Gründungszentrum that hosts business workshops and leverages the expertise of our community to solve real social business challenges.


Climate Launchpad

Winner (Austria, 2018)

Social Impact Award

Finalist (2018)

European Youth Award

Shortlisted (2018) for congrego and Finalist (2018) for kindby

Admission Process


Written application with your CV. The time commitment to be a part of our team is 5-10 hours a week, more flexible during exam weeks.

Application deadline

The final deadline for this semester’s intake is on 21st of October. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis.

Personal interview

We will set up personal interviews with potential prospective members on 20th, 22nd and 23rd of October.


All results will be communicated before 24th of October the latest. Prospective applicants must be able to attend the onboarding weekend during the long weekend of 26-28th of October. All acceptances are conditional on the attendance of this weekend.

Join Us

We hate long application forms too. The average time it takes to complete our application form is about 1 minute!

Still not sure?

Come and meet us! Here is where you can find us to find out more about our organisation:

1st and 2nd October: unileben at University of Vienna
3rd October: Info stand at Webster University 
8th of October: Angewandte Innovation Lab (17:30) Facebook event link:
12th of October: WU Gründungszentrum at WU Vienna (17:30) Facebook event link:
18th of October: WU Info Stand at building TC

Would you like to be reminded about the application deadline? Click “Going” on this event and we will notify you before the deadline!

Alternatively, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us the Live Chat function of our website, or send us a quick message on Facebook and we will reply right away.