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“I was born into a family where my father is a poet and my mother is an economist. So my father would always talk about all these ideal societies where artists are the leaders and decisions are made my philosophers. So, I was really surrounded by a lot of these esoterics and mythology. […] at the same time I had a mother who is a CFO of a one of the biggest hotels in Macedonia, and she would be always measuring something or telling me number stuff and grounding my attitudes towards life.”



“So, a girl, 13 years old, never went to school, developed a product. It’s a pineapple wine. It’s wine made of fermented pineapples. So, she had land in a very very old cottage where her family lived. Her mother has nine kids, she is one of the nine kids and she had to start making money because they didn’t have anything absolutely for food. So, she developed a fermentation process. So, just imagine, not educated, never went to school, never had the money for formal education. And her eyes when she talks about her business, is like the same shine that you see in a person that is 30 or something, a senior, experienced, but she has never seen an excel table or a word document or a laptop. Never in her life. She doesn’t have electricity, she doesn’t have TV. So, working with her, I found out her team was there, I tested the wine. I worked with them for one week, supporting them to set up some kind of a business unit for delivery. And with bikes, they delivered to the closest city and sold their wine in hotels. And this was a business that was successful.

So, whenever I am demotivated, I think of this girl. Her name was Alice.”


“We (social entrepreneurship) are definitely part of a bigger picture and we definitely need a system change that […] needs a bigger crowd and that stands behind this transformation. I think the more people are motivated to think about the next level the better, but at the same time we need to function in the way we function because we cannot function if we don’t support the system as it is. So, in a way it is a really really difficult answer to give […] but the time has come. That’s what makes me really proud, that I live in the same time as Elon Musk, or I live in a time where we are re-thinking how we live, how we work, how we consume. These are really interesting questions that were not asked before and definitely we should acknowledge that […]. This is a historic moment for us, and all of us need to understand that whether we want to or not, we make a change. So the point is, if we make a change anyway, why not decide what kind of change we want to do? So, if we support the positive movements of creating more awareness around trash, how we consume and what we buy with every purchase, with every purchase we make a change. So this is more the thinking I support, and I think social entrepreneurship has a big big value in it but it is not the only movement that will make this system shift.”


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