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People of Initiative: Bistra

1/3 “I was born into a family where my father is a poet and my mother is an economist. So my father would always talk about all these ideal societies where artists are the leaders and decisions are made my philosophers. So, I was really surrounded by a lot of these esoterics and mythology. […]...
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People of Initiative: Tarik

“To me, impact is something that you’ve done, like an idea that keeps on living even after your time […] and social good is about doing something useful not only for yourself but for your surroundings and the future generations to come.” More on Facebook and Instagram.
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What is People of Initiative?

One of our core missions as an organization is to enlarge the bubble of the social change making mechanism in Austria. Providing a platform for people to contribute to change is of great importance. However, what’s maybe even more important right now is to engage the people outside of this circle. We believe that one...
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